Arkema has introduced ENCOR 9215® latex for use in pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) used across multiple labeling applications. This product is reportedly formulated specifically to offer outstanding performance in high-speed label production applications.

“We developed this product to provide exemplary performance levels in applications where high-speed production is a necessity,” said Keith Andes, PSA technical leader for Coating Resins with Arkema. “Meeting the varied performance needs in this industry at higher production rates can be challenging. Working with customers, we have found ENCOR 9215 latex can meet, or even exceed, industry expectations.”

ENCOR 9215 latex is a tackified acrylic adhesive formulated for high-speed coating. Arkema reports that it is designed for permanent paper labels requiring excellent adhesion to corrugated cardboard. It can be used with a variety of machines and equipment, and it can be optimized based on specific customer needs.

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