Carbon® and Arkema, through its Sartomer business line, recently announced a strategic partnership through an investment in capital to deliver a new era of materials performance and supply chain model for Carbon’s manufacturing partners. Rapid advances in additive manufacturing are changing the way products are designed and manufactured in many industries.

Since its inception in 2013, Carbon and Sartomer have reportedly been driving innovation to scale process technology and resin manufacturing to enable parts made by Digital Light Synthesis™ technology to be increasingly reliable and cost competitive. According to Arkema, this collaboration has generated holistic solutions for mass production in the sports, dental, and consumer goods markets.

Arkema has taken part, with an investment of $20 million, in a Carbon Growth Funding Round to support the next generation of fully integrated digital manufacturing platforms with a deeper collaboration, cutting-edge materials, and innovative solutions. Carbon and Arkema reportedly share a common vision for the industry in terms of strategic partnerships, tailored solutions for customers, and material sustainability. Arkema reports that this alliance is an opportunity for both companies to grow the pipeline of production applications, driving volume and revenues through advanced materials technology.  

“We are eager to continue and strengthen our joint efforts in delivering Carbon next-generation products and full solutions to our partners and customers, disrupting the way parts are mass manufactured and accelerating new market opportunities,” said Thierry Le Hénaff, chairman and CEO of Arkema.

“Since Carbon’s early days, Arkema has been an important partner to us,” said Joseph DeSimone, Ph.D., Carbon CEO and co-founder. “It’s rewarding to see all the amazing outcomes of our work together over the years bringing new, innovative materials to market.”

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