Featuring a combination of thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties, Master Bond Supreme 3CCM-85 is reportedly a new single-component epoxy initially designed for glob top and chip coating applications. However, according to the company, this system can also be utilized for encapsulation and bonding. Supreme 3CCM-85 reportedly cures within 2-3 hrs at 175-185°F (80-85°C), which is advantageous for use on heat-sensitive components and substrates.

Master Bond reports that Supreme 3CCM-85 is a toughened adhesive system that bonds well to a variety of similar and dissimilar substrates. It has a high volume resistivity of more than 1,014 ohm-cm and a thermal conductivity of 5-10 BTU•in/ft2•hr•°F [0.72-1.44 W/(m•K)]. The system is serviceable from -100 to 350°F (-73 to 177°C).

According to the company, since Supreme 3CCM-85 is not premixed and frozen and has a very long open time at room temperature, it is more convenient to handle and store than typical two-component glob top systems. This opaque black compound has a thixotropic paste-like consistency and is reportedly easy to apply either manually or with an automated dispenser. Master Bond Supreme 3CCM-85 is available for use in common size syringes ranging from 10-30 cc, as well as in standard size containers.

Additional details are available at www.masterbond.com.