Industrial Caulk and Seal (ICS) recently announced that, as of last month, it had installed over 1 million linear feet of semi-rigid joint filler through the previous 12 months. Most of the installation occurred as a component of the new construction of large logistic warehousing along the Eastern Seaboard. 

“Semi rigid joint filler, including both epoxies and polyureas, is specified throughout large warehousing and has always been a huge part of Industrial Caulk and Seal,” said Victor Botley, vice president of Operations, with Industrial Caulk and Seal.

ICS has been installing joint filler throughout the U.S. for nearly two decades. The company reports that it recently designed and built a series of high-capacity pumps to enhance production and increase efficiency. While standard joint filler pumps hold 10-12 gal of product, the new pumps are designed with around a 60-gal capacity.

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