Charles Ross & Son Co. recently announced the appointment of Ken Langhorn to the position of vice president of Sales. Langhorn joined the company in February 1998 as a lab assistant in the Test & Development Center. He began working on various projects to improve the product line and was reportedly instrumental in preparing application reports and technical briefs to educate the company’s sales force. In December 1999, Langhorn was promoted to product manager of high-shear mixers, high-speed dispersers, multi-shaft mixers, and three-roll mills. 

Named technical director in June 2006, Langhorn assumed the responsibility of managing the Test & Development Center. In this role, he worked with customers on over 150 tests annually, his contributions directly impacting the development of new products and novel formulations. He has authored many articles on mixing and is regularly interviewed for his expertise by various trade publications across the process industries.

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