CVC Thermoset Specialties recently announced that several grades of its Hypro reactive liquid polymer (RLP) product line have been designated kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc). When added to epoxy formulations, Hypro RLP reportedly reduces the formulation’s brittleness and likelihood of cracking.

Preparing and packaging kosher foods is a strict and serious undertaking for kosher kitchens and food processing facilities. Processors and preparers must ensure that meat, dairy, and pareve foods are adequately separated and all machinery is carefully cleaned and kosherized. In addition, kosher food processing facilities must ensure that the adhesives, sealants, and coatings on food preparation surfaces are also certified kosher.

Hypro RLP is a low-molecular-weight synthetic rubber with chemical functionality. These reactive polymers reportedly impart rubber properties that can improve toughness, flexibility, and impact resistance, making them candidates for applications such as coatings and sealants for food preparation surfaces. They can also improve thermal cycling properties, increase T-peel strength, and improve adhesion to substrates. 

CVC Thermoset Specialties reports that all of its kosher-approved grades have been categorized as pareve, and nine products are approved kashruth by the cRc. For more information, visit The cRc can be found online at