CVC Thermoset Specialties, an Emerald Performance Materials company, recently introduced HyPox® RA875, a carboxyl-terminated acrylonitrile-butadiene (CTBN) epoxy adduct toughening agent. HyPox RA875 reportedly enables improved peel strength at room temperature and temperatures down to -40°C, as well as enhanced adhesion to oily substrates when compared to core-shell rubber (CSR).

A clean, dry surface is crucial to the performance of adhesives. However, automotive applications often have constraints that make fully cleaning a substrate impossible. When formulated with HyPox RA875, automotive structural adhesives reportedly demonstrate improved adhesion to oily substrates. According to the company, HyPox RA875 reduces rejections due to adhesive failure, which improves production.

CVC reports that HyPox RA875 also helps to strengthen adhesives. It maintains excellent properties of high crosslink density, such as high modulus and failure strength, excellent adhesive strength, and low creep, while reducing the brittleness of the epoxy. Adhesives with HyPox RA875 demonstrate improved peel strength when used on electro-galvanized steel, aluminum, and hot-dipped galvanized steel.

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