Scheugenpflug AG recently announced that it is officially part of the Atlas Copco Group, as the acquisition announced in October 2019 has been approved by the competition authorities. Scheugenpflug now operates within Atlas Copco’s Industrial Assembly Solutions (IAS) division as a new independent business line focusing on Electronic Dispensing. The IAS division’s other business lines cover Mechanical Joining and Industrial Dispensing.

In addition, Olaf Leonhardt from the Atlas Copco Group has been named chairman of Scheugenpflug’s managing board. He reportedly has more than 20 years of global leadership and management experience and brings more than 25 years of know-how in the field of adhesive bonding and dispensing to the new position. After holding positions as manager of the Innovation Center and manager of Research and Development for adhesive bonding and dispensing technology, Leonhardt was responsible for the business of SCA Schucker GmbH for four years as general manager. From 2018-2020, he served as general manager of Atlas Copco IAS GmbH.

As part of Atlas Copco, Scheugenpflug reports that the global presence of the Swedish industrial group provides enhanced opportunities to achieve growth targets. For more information, visit and