Evonik Resource Efficiency recently introduced VP Disp. WF 7620, a rheology-control dispersion in its Coating Additives Business Line portfolio. Evonik reports that the dispersion was developed specially for waterborne systems; because viscosities are generally lower in waterborne systems, VP Disp. WF 7620 efficiently prevents the settlement of pigments and fillers in the liquid phase, as well as sagging during the spray application. Its main applications are high-performance waterborne coatings for the industrial and automotive industries. It is especially recommended for use with spray applications.

According to Evonik, the new dispersion has a very high compatibility. As a result, the usage of defoamers can be minimized. In addition, VP Disp. WF 7620 has a wider range of uses as it doesn’t interfere with other ingredients of the formulation. It is suitable for both pigmented and clear water-based formulations.

With the usage of VP Disp. WF 7620, Evonik reports that customers can skip pearl milling and do not need any other high-shear equipment to incorporate the additive into the formulation. The dispersion only needs to be stirred in, thus immediately providing a high rheological effectiveness without a separate adjustment of pH value. As a result, a final addition (post-addition) to adjust the viscosity during coating production is also possible. Dispersions allow dust-free handling of AEROSIL® fumed silica powder in liquid media.

VP Disp. WF 7620 belongs to Evonik’s product line of waterborne dispersions based on hydrophobic, or water-repellent, AEROSIL fumed silica. The dispersion contains 20% of functional AEROSIL.

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