Phoseon Technology recently announced the launch of its FireJet™ FJ801 area curing solution, targeting adhesives cure applications in electronics manufacturing and lab material/substrate curing. The new air-cooled solution reportedly provides increased power of up to 50% over its predecessor, the J800.

The company reports that the new FJ801 light source is designed primarily for production environments that require area curing, such as manufacturing lines for micro-speakers and camera modules. Starting from a base curing area of 100 x 100 mm, these modular products can scale in three directions to provide contiguous, uniform UV output. The FJ801 is available in 365 nm/385 nm/395 nm/405 nm wavelengths. The unit’s light source reportedly offers process stability with the company’s patented TargetCure™ technology, which provides precise and predictable UV output.

The FJ801 light source comes with a separate controller that uses a simple, intuitive graphical interface, controlling up to two lamps. In addition, the controller display now includes the accumulated time that the UV lamp has been on, as well as lamp temperature.

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