Henkel recently announced the introduction of Technomelt GA 3980 Ultra, a hot-melt adhesive that is reportedly suitable for all melting systems and can be used for bookbinding and a variety of binding applications. Together with its high thermal stability, Technomelt GA 3980 Ultra reportedly helps bookbinders increase the quality of their products while at the same time cutting costs.

“Technomelt GA 3980 Ultra integrates seamlessly into the Henkel product family for bookbinding applications between our PUR and EVA solutions,” said Mario Eckers, regional Sales director for Packaging Adhesives at Henkel. “During development, we focused particularly on increasing process efficiency while cutting costs for our customers. This is especially important given the growing cost pressure in the industry.”

Henkel reports that no new investments need to be made in machinery, since the adhesive is suitable for all hot-melt systems and therefore no changeover times are needed on the equipment. The quality of the end products can also be checked immediately due to the adhesive’s high initial strength. In addition, the product reportedly features excellent heat and cold resistance, improved flexibility, and high adhesive strength, even on substrates that are difficult to process.

According to Henkel, the new adhesive offers not only improved end product quality but also a low application weight and high yield, delivering significant savings in terms of overall costs. The adhesive’s high melting stability also reportedly leads to less carbonization, allowing better machine utilization and shorter equipment downtimes through the reduction of cleaning intervals.

For more information, visit www.henkel-adhesives.com/uk/en/bookbinding-advanced-polymer.html.