Reportedly adding functional capability to its award-winning Technomelt® hot-melt encapsulants, this company has developed a thermally conductive Technomelt material. With the ability to transfer heat through the encapsulating layer, the new products offer dual-function performance in a single material solution.

Technomelt materials are reportedly an alternative to multi-step, potting processes. Because the materials can be melted, molded, and cooled quickly under low pressure, they can deliver a encapsulation technique that provides a high throughput solution for protection of delicate circuitry and PCB assemblies, while forming a self-enclosed housing. These advantages are now expanded with the addition of thermal conductivity to enable heat dissipation.

“Thermal control is one of the biggest challenges for today’s electronic products,” said Art Ackerman, global product manager for circuit board protection materials. “For certain applications, adding another layer of heat transfer only serves to improve reliability and long-term performance, which is the objective of this new Technomelt platform.”

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