Vitralit® 2028 from Panacol is a UV-curable coating that is resistant to chemicals and is autoclavable. The flexible coating material can reportedly be cured with UV or heat. Panacol reports that the transparent epoxy Vitralit 2028 is easy to dispense because of its low viscosity. It nevertheless enables a clean edge finish without bleeding, making it suited for use as a flexible protective coating for wires in coil windings and other applications.

Vitralit 2028 can be cured with light energy in the UV range from 320-390 nm. A special feature of the adhesive is reportedly its thermal initiator, which allows secondary curing of shadowed areas using an oven.

Panacol reports that the coating surface is very dry after UV curing, so coated components can be processed immediately. The final strength of the UV coating is achieved when it cools down to ambient temperature. Once fully cured, Vitralit 2028 is transparent, resistant to chemicals, and is suitable for autoclaving.

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