Sika Corp.’s Sikaflex®-501 is a one-component silane-terminated polymer (STP) universal sealant. According to the company, the product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and bonds well to various substrates, including metal, polycarbonate, FRP, and wood.

Sikaflex-501 is reportedly fast-skinning with excellent workability and can be overpainted. In addition, it is free of both isocyanates and solvents. Sikaflex-501 is offered in gray and white in 400- and 600-ml unipacks.

“The addition of Sikaflex®-501 rounds out our comprehensive product portfolio of hybrid products for industrial sealing and bonding applications,” said Russ Livermore, Sika vice president, Industry Marketing. “Sika’s global expertise allows us to offer the right product for our customers’ specific needs—from silicones and polyurethanes to hybrid technology.”

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