DAP recently announced the introduction of Tank Bond™, a complete line of adhesives reportedly ideal for professional and DIY repair applications. Today’s tough adhesive repair projects require tactical solutions and a product that blends both strength and precision.

The Tank Bond family of products from DAP includes Tank Bond Thread Stopper™, Tank Bond Liquid Grip, Tank Bond Heavy Duty Advanced Epoxy, and Tank Bond Thread Locker. The company reports that these adhesive products are strong enough to tackle repairs ranging from tools, home products, and outdoor maintenance to boats, bicycles, automotive, motorcycles, and even musical instruments.

“Our heavy-duty line of Tank Bond adhesives are designed to make durable and reliable repairs on all types of equipment big or small,” said Kate Piche, product director. “Whether it’s preventing stripped screws and bonding fasteners to holding screws and bolts in place and bonding metal, this ‘tough-as-a-tank’ military-grade adhesive technology provides tactical solutions for even the most demanding jobs.”

For more information visit https://tankbond.dap.com.