Nynas recently announced that it has added NYFLEX® 201B and NYFLEX 2005 to its silicone fluid replacement portfolio. Nynas reports that its naphthenic oils act as viscosity modifiers in sealant formulations, reducing the cost for producers as a partial replacement of silicone fluids.

“NYFLEX® 201B is a medium viscosity oil with low volatility, while NYFLEX® 2005 is slightly lower in viscosity,” said Ghislain de Quatrebarbes, market manager, Chemical Industry. “Both provide superior colour stability and a low VOC level.”

Nynas reports that hydrotreatment technology is used to ensure that the NYFLEX oils are odorless and colorless while providing UV stability. The oils also demonstrate good bacterial growth prevention. In addition, the oil’s solvent power means that a high proportion of oil components can be added to silicone sealant formulations.

“The solvency of naphthenic oils is another huge benefit, which gives perfect compatibility with the polymers used in silicone sealants, such as polymethyl siloxane,” said Ghislain de Quatrebarbes. “Testing shows that even with a 25% loading of NYFLEX® into the formulation, no bleeding occurs.”

The NYFLEX range is available globally, providing formulators with security of supply and the flexibility to design the exact silicone fluid to meet their purposes. The range is available in a range of viscosities, allowing formulators to design the exact silicone fluids for the intended purpose:

  • NYFLEX 2120B—Excellent compatibility and color stability
  • NYFLEX 2005—1:1 replacement
  • NYFLEX 201B—Low volatility and good compatibility
  • NYFLEX 3011—Non-gas oil

Additional details are available at www.nynas.com.