Polycom Industries recently announced that it has been rebranded as POLYCOM. Along with the name change, Polycom has created a new logo and website, and the company is implementing new marketing initiatives.

“We wanted to reinforce our positioning in the marketplace as a highly technical, yet incredibly agile solutions provider,” said Larry Reed, sales director at Polycom. “We believe our new tagline ‘Custom Innovative Solutions’ reflects that promise to all of our customers.”

Polycom was acquired one year ago by Meridian Adhesives Group. Along with Taylor Adhesives, Polycom is part of the Meridian Flooring Division.

“Polycom has served carpet and rug manufacturers in Dalton for over 20 years, providing custom latex backing formulations, among other solutions,” said Gary Bartley, director of technology at Polycom. “We know the flooring industry very well…”

“Through our technical expertise and synergies with our Meridian Group partners, we can create numerous custom solutions for a range of industry categories, including: automotive, flooring assembly, merchandising, packaging, roofing, wall coverings and much more,” said Nadeem Moughrabi, general manager of Polycom. “Thanks to our EcoBlend adhesives and coatings we can always find a solution.”

For more information, visit www.polycomsolutions.com. Meridian Adhesives Group is online at www.meridianadhesives.com.