The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) recently announced it is returning to trade show ownership with the acquisition of the Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show. The event was founded in 2019 and produced by Chemicals America.

“As a galvanizing force for the specialty and custom chemical community, it is SOCMA’s role and responsibility to connect the supply chain,” said Jennifer Abril, SOCMA’s president and CEO. “When we sold InformEx in 2005, it left a void. Our industry thrives on face-to-face, intimate interactions to solidify business partnerships and fulfill supply chain needs, and without InformEx that unique space for connecting was severed for SOCMA. Returning to the trade show space underpins our strategic focus to offer commercial growth opportunities for our members and the industry, alongside our year-round trove of tools and resources.”

Purchasing the Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show has been a long time in the making, according to Abril. “This is something we have considered since partnering with Tom Leahy to launch the Fort Worth Show, and conditions were right between both parties to effectuate the sale,” she said. “Tom has built an event that is strategically important to the industry, and it has indeed been a pleasure working with the Chemicals America team these past two years to carry out our mutual vision to see the industry succeed.”

“I’m excited for SOCMA to take over ownership of the Specialty & Custom Chemicals America show,” Leahy said. “SOCMA is a trusted association voice for the specialty chemical industry, and SOCMA member companies already represent a significant percentage of the Fort Worth event. We have been partnering together since 2018 to produce the first two Texas shows, and I believe the timing is right to hand over the baton to their organization.”

SOCMA reports that it is taking a cautious approach in planning the 2021 event, with the health and safety of exhibitors and attendees of primary concern. The show will follow its traditional format, with limited adjustments based on social distancing and other safety protocols associated with the pandemic. Registration for the 2021 Specialty & Custom Chemicals, set for February 9-11 at the Omni in Fort Worth, Texas, is now open.

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