H.B. Fuller recently announced that its Full-Care® 6217 positioning adhesive is a HYGIENIX Innovation Award™ finalist. According to the company, Full-Care 6217 is a high-performance adhesive solution that shows consistently higher peels with no transfer on various undergarment fabrics for a better consumer experience while providing cost savings for manufacturers.

“Millennials have heavily influenced the feminine care market’s direction because they represent over 30% of the total global population and are entering their prime purchasing years,” said Daniel Everson, Ph.D., senior scientist at H.B. Fuller. “This group of key buyers leads active lifestyles and expects reliable comfort from the feminine hygiene products across all key garment materials.” 

In response to these feminine care trends, H.B. Fuller hygiene R&D and technical experts have created a positioning adhesive that reportedly offers benefits such as:

  • Up to 20% savings through coat weight reduction when compared to the industry-leading adhesives
  • Consistently higher peels with no adhesive transfer to undergarments
  • Robust performance on different fabric types like nylon, microfiber, and cotton
  • Excellent adhesion on both fabric sides for reliable stay-in-place performance

“We are honored to have Full-Care 6217 Positioning Adhesive named as a HYGIENIX Innovation Award™ finalist,” Everson said. “This innovation helps brands address key consumers’ pain points by providing reliable and worry-free user experience with their feminine hygiene products, while also delivering production savings to the manufacturers.” 

Finalists will present their innovations to the industry at the virtual HYGIENIX™ Conference. For more information, visit www.hbfuller.com. Details regarding the event are available at www.hygienix.org.