DuPont™ recently announced that it is making significant investments in both capital and resources to strengthen strategic capabilities of its Liveo™ brand healthcare silicone solutions. DuPont reports that it is investing in innovation and manufacturing capabilities to accelerate business growth, address key industry challenges arising from global megatrends, and continually improve and expand its ability to serve customers.

“We are working in close collaboration with our key customers to help support and drive their leadership in key healthcare industry market segments,” said Eugenio Toccalino, Liveo Healthcare Global Business Director. 

To support customer growth and accelerate new product introductions, the targeted investments include increasing supply capacities with manufacturing improvements at DuPont’s Healthcare Industries Materials Site (HIMS) in Hemlock, Mich. Upgrades include extrusion capacity expansion for tubing, a new ISO 7 cleanroom, and ongoing elastomer capacity expansions with new mixing equipment for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high-consistency rubber (HCR).

The investments are reportedly critical for DuPont Liveo to continue addressing the key challenges and opportunities in three primary healthcare market segments, namely:

  • Biopharma processing—to enable cost-effective, safe manufacturing of biologics used in drugs and vaccines with a wide range of Liveo pharma tubing and overmolded assemblies
  • Pharmaceutical solutions—to enable safe, effective new therapeutic drug delivery routes with topical and transdermal solutions, as well as gastrointestinal active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Medical devices—to enable safe, convenient, and effective diagnostics, monitoring and treatment at the point of care with a broadening range of specialty medical adhesives and elastomers to support the trend for connected devices and wearables

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