On February 7, 2021, ViscoTec Asia celebrated 10 years of growth in the world of handling fluids and pastes with high-precision dosing technology. Today, ViscoTec Asia has a base of customers in Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka, in many different industries.

Trying to connect with the potential customers was the main challenge at the beginning. “It is not difficult to identify potential companies in this region who will need our solutions but getting to know the relevant person in charge for processes to our products was a big challenge,” said Melvyn Teo, managing director of ViscoTec Asia. “We have learned from this and bring detailed information about our brand and portfolio to every meeting. In addition to videos, it is primarily live demos that help us to explain our technology particularly clearly.”

From its base in Singapore, ViscoTec Asia serves Southeast Asia, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. A representative office in Vietnam was opened in 2018, and two more sales offices outside Singapore and Vietnam are planned for the next two to three years.

“One of our greatest strength is our ‘can-do’ attitude,” Teo said. “We remain open to new challenges because dosing technology is a fast-evolving market and only with the willingness to accept new ideas and tasks, we can learn, constantly improve and meet the requirements of our customers.”

To learn more, visit www.viscotec-asia.com.