The ChemQuest Group has hired Rich Gibson, formerly the director of Corporate Strategy for Milliken & Co., as a director. Gibson's business strategy development focus for more than three decades included market segmentation, value and supply chain analysis, business intelligence, economics, voice of the market, due diligence, strategy deployment, risk management, and process improvement. Project management, productivity enhancement, and cost control without sacrificing quality are also key capabilities in his tool set.

Gibson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from the University of Tennessee. His career trajectory at Milliken began in 1989 as an industrial engineer and included stints in roles such as Business Supply Chain manager, senior Business Development manager, Process Improvement manager, plant manager, and manager of Corporate Strategy & Development.

From 2016-2020, as Milliken's director of Corporate Strategy, Gibson was equally proficient managing econometrics and key indicators as well as the enterprise risk management (ERM) process, market research (internal and outsourced), a buy-side acquisition corporate- and division-level target funnel, business intelligence, de-risked target acquisition (pre-diligence), and overall corporate strategy development while mentoring his colleagues in these areas.

"As a repeat specialty chemicals' client of The ChemQuest Group, I came to truly appreciate the ChemQuest team's chemicals' value chain knowledge, business acumen, ingenuity, energy and drive for solving chemical business complexities," Gibson said. "Profitable opportunities were successfully identified and executed in 20+ project areas. I look forward to putting my expertise to work alongside my esteemed colleagues for value creation and sustained profitability for ChemQuest clients in the specialty chemicals space."

ChemQuest CEO Dan Murad added, "We are very excited to welcome Rich Gibson to our practice. He brings extensive specialty chemical market and business strategy development experience and has a unique ability to provide deep insights in diverse subject matter areas. Our past engagements have been mutually beneficial in augmenting Milliken and ChemQuest's knowledge base. We look forward to leveraging our new association with Rich for delivering client-centric solutions, and identifying growth opportunities in specialty chemicals amid a new global landscape."

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