Henkel recently announced that it has relaunched its Pritt stick to provide consumers with an even more natural and high-performing solution combined with improved sustainability. The further optimized formulation contains 97% natural ingredients (including water), while the stick now consists of up to 65% post-industrial recycled plastics. According to Henkel, the fully recyclable products are available in three different sizes and offer children and their parents a safe and strong solution for paper crafting at school or at home.

"The Pritt stick is one of the core products among our consumer adhesives range, and it is our continuous aspiration to strengthen and expand its leading position in the market," said Ilaria Paulon, international brand manager for Pritt at Henkel. "With the relaunch we want to offer our customers globally a fresh and modern crafting experience responding to the increasing demand for safe and sustainable consumer products. We are proud to present our even more natural formulation without any compromises in performance while at the same time replacing a significant amount of plastics by post-industrial recycled plastic."

Henkel reports that the longstanding Pritt formula was based on potato starch and sugar, reaching 90% natural ingredients. In 2020, the Henkel product development team went further by reaching a level of 97% natural ingredients while keeping the stick's strength and high gluing power. The Pritt glue stick continues to offer a strong initial tack, remains repositionable, and provides a long-lasting adhesion to materials. In addition, the products avoid the wrinkling of paper and thus enable durable crafting results as the amount of water in the formulation is lower compared to competition.

With the relaunch, Henkel has also increased the sustainability of the Pritt stick range in line with its packaging targets for 2025. The new glue stick container is fully produced from recycled plastics; only the cap and the spinning mechanism are still made of virgin plastic to ensure the functionality and performance of the products. The new packaging concept enables the usage of up to 65% of post-industrial recycled materials depending on the product size. In addition, all materials are fully recyclable when the stick is empty.

For more information, visit www.henkel.com.