Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) recently announced that it has developed WelQuick™, a film-type binding material that can quickly bond dissimilar materials together (e.g., resins and metals) with strength. In recent years, manufacturing’s requirements for materials such as lightness, heat resistance, and strength have been advanced so much that almost no single material can meet such sophisticated needs. Therefore, progress has been made in the introduction of composite structure into components, in which dissimilar materials such as resins and metals are bound together. This movement is called “multi-materialization.”

Many methods can be used to bond dissimilar materials, including bonding with liquid or hot-melt adhesives, as well as mechanical fastening with bolts. While manufacturers demand a simple, easy, and timesaving bonding process while securing enough adhesive strength, simultaneous achievement of simplicity and adhesiveness has been difficult.

SDK reports that the WelQuick film-type adhesive component eliminates the process of applying liquid components that was necessary for reactive adhesives. The product is easy to handle and shortens bonding time to a few seconds by utilizing the phase change between solid and liquid, compared to the several minutes required with conventional adhesives.

WelQuick can bond resins like polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate, and nylon with metals such as aluminum, iron, and copper. SDK reports that the product can achieve shear adhesive strength of more than 10 MPa with more than 40 combinations of base materials. Moreover, customers can choose the welding method suitable for their needs, including ultrasonic welding, electromagnetic induction welding, and heat welding.

WelQuick films can be stored at room temperature for long periods. In addition, they do not produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when welded, lowering the burden on the environment.

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