Mactac®, a LINTEC company, is partnering with Esker to automate its accounts payable (AP) and order management (OM) processes. Mactac reports that it is implementing the information technology changes as part of its digital transformation strategy.

“Mactac’s business continues to grow at an exponential pace—earlier this year, we acquired Duramark Products Inc., formerly Ritrama USA,” said Brittany Eppley, corporate Marketing Communications manager. “To best meet our needs as well as those of our growing customer base, we are updating our digital process solutions in a way that better aligns with our future growth strategy.” 

The new automated accounts payable solution reportedly enables Mactac to streamline all vendor inputs into a single platform, which reduces errors and time needed to improve cash management. The order management solution gives Mactac the ability to quickly access metrics and validate information to ensure data accuracy and faster processing of orders. 

“We’re looking to Esker’s solutions to allow us to consolidate information, minimize business risk and intake more new customers, which is crucial as we continue to expand,” said Larry Sage, vice president of Strategic Initiatives and Information Technology. “Esker also gives our customers the ability to create their own orders through the Esker customer portal, which will be especially beneficial for our clients who run mom-and-pop shops.”

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