MACtac® Distributor Products recently announced it has teamed up with the nonprofit Portraits of Hope to continue its involvement in helping to motivate hospitalizedMACtac Partners with Portraits of Hope, Donates Adhesive Vinyland disadvantaged children through public art works with creative therapy. After visiting 170 New York City laundromats as potential sites for laundromat beautifications and makeovers, Portraits of Hope narrowed the field down to a selected six locations—four throughout South Bronx and two in upper Manhattan. MACtac donated 10 rolls of IMAGin® JT5529BFD bubble-free adhesive vinyl.

The project culminated in a four-month exhibition beginning on May 16 with the official unveiling of the local laundromats. The bright and colorful artwork is scheduled to run through the end of summer, but is anticipated to stay up much longer as determined by the participating laundromats.

“Each year, MACtac looks forward to partnering with Portraits of Hope and taking part in its art and civic initiatives by donating our pressure-sensitive materials to the projects,” said Brittany Franzen, Marketing administrator. “Designed with superior print quality for vibrant images, IMAGin was the ideal solution in creating the eye-popping, 2D and 3D colorful art and designs for the laundromat beautification and makeover project.”

The transformation of the six laundromats required 10 rolls of IMAGin JT5529, three rolls of IMAGin JT5999, one roll of IMAGin EMR328 and one roll of IMAGin PF6500. This year’s artwork was painted by more than 200 children and youth in local elementary schools and hospitals throughout spring. Printed by IMAGIC, the design includes the outline of flowers and geometric shapes, which are the symbols of Portraits of Hope. The installation took place over the course of two weeks by volunteer certified installers.

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