DAP reports that its new AMP™ advanced modified polymer sealants line combines the best attributes of traditional silicones and polyurethanes. AMP advanced hybrid technology enables construction professionals and do-it-yourselfers to benefit from a sealant that offers superior weatherability and durability. According to the company, these sealants outperform silicone, offer a variety of project and application solutions, can be used in extreme temperatures, and prevent mold and mildew growth.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

Advanced polymer sealants and adhesives are created by combining chemical structures found in both silicones and polyurethanes into a single polymer backbone. This creates a “hybrid” or “modified” product with better performance than either silicone or urethane alone.

Designing an advanced polymer sealant product requires restricting the individual weaknesses of two families of polymeric materials while maintaining their optimum properties. While urethane products form durable bonds, for example, they can have longer cure times and provide limited adhesion to some substrates. Similarly, silicone products provide good weathering and flexibility but can have strong odor, be difficult to apply and tool cleanly, have no true clears, and are not paintable.

A modified polymer is designed to provide durable, lifetime bonds and, when compared to a urethane, are solvent free, can be used in low temperatures, cure more quickly, and adhere to a variety of materials. Modified sealants also feature very little odor, making them ideal for interior applications. 

Applications and Solutions

AMP advanced hybrid sealants are designed for use in a variety of projects and applications. Developed for both exterior (e.g., windows, doors, siding, trim, gutter, flashing, and concrete) and interior applications (e.g., kitchen and bath projects), the new line delivers a 100% weatherproof and waterproof seal that won’t swell, soften, blister, or break down over time.

kitchen sink

The new hybrid sealants are designed for exterior and interior applications such as kitchen projects.

AMP sealants provide strong adhesion to a wide range of building materials, including fiber cement, vinyl, aluminum, wood, stucco, brick, masonry, and more. They can be applied on wet and damp surfaces, offer temperature use of 0-140°F, and are backed by a lifetime mold and mildew resistance guarantee. 

“AMP solves frustrations where other technologies have fallen short,” said Megan Youngs, DAP’s director of product management for caulks and sealants. “For exterior applications, users will appreciate that AMP offers superior weatherability and durability, can be applied in extreme temperatures while staying flexible, and is UV resistant with strong substrate adhesion. AMP’s advanced hybrid technology also offers proven wet surface application and prevents mold and mildew growth, which gives users long-lasting confidence whether their job is inside or out.”

Over time, exposure to various weather and climate conditions, including extreme heat and cold, can break down exterior sealants. AMP is formulated with advanced modified polymer technology for superior durability and UV protection against color fading, discoloration, and damage from harsh weather. These window, door, and siding sealants meet ASTM C920 specifications, providing long-lasting flexibility to endure the expansion and contraction caused by sun, heat, cold, wind, and rain. 

While other sealants can wash out or get damaged by surface marks from rain, AMP is paint and rain/water ready in 30 min. It is also specially formulated to accept paint like a latex sealant; unlike traditional silicones, the hybrid technology won’t crack, crawl, or produce shiners once painted. 

“Because this sealant can be applied on wet surfaces, users will have less reliance on perfect weather conditions during application,” said Youngs.

Specialty self-leveling concrete and gutter and flashing sealants will be added to the AMP line in spring 2022. The self-leveling concrete sealant requires no additional tools and stays flexible without cracking, shrinking, or bubbling. The gutter and flashing high-performance sealant stays flexible and crackproof and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Silicone sealants are known to be hazy instead of transparent in both wet and cured states. AMP’s clear hybrid formula offers superior clarity over traditional clear silicones, with no haze during or after application. AMP is engineered to offer improved color stability compared to historical hybrids, is easy to gun out for less fatigue, and tools smoothly for a professional finish. It is also low in odor and volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant.

For more information, visit www.dap.com.

Note: Images courtesy of DAP.