Hempel has announced a new executive group management (EGM) that will lead its growth strategy, which aims to double the company's revenue to €3 billion (approximately $3.4 billion) by 2025. According to Hempel, the new organizational structure will enable future growth and closer alignment with customers.

“My new leadership team will lead a new way of working at Hempel—we have organized our business in an even more customer-focused structure, which will unleash potential and energy from the organization to deliver on our Double Impact strategy,” said Lars Petersson, group president and CEO.

Hempel’s commercial activities are now organized into key segments: Marine, led by Alexander Enström, an executive vice president; Energy & Infrastructure, led by Michael Hansen, an executive vice president; and Decorative, led by executive vice president Joe Devitt.

Katarina Lindström, chief operations officer and executive vice president, will lead Technology & Operations. Lars Dollerup, chief financial officer and executive vice president, will oversee Finance & Digital. Pernille Fritz Vilhelmsen, chief people & culture officer and executive vice president, is at the helm of People & Culture. Strategy & Transformation is also joining the EGM and will be headed up by René Overgaard Jensen, a vice president.

The new EGM replaces the former matrix structure with a two-tier leadership, including an executive management board and an operational management board. Hempel reports that the new way of working gives the company a simpler organizational structure, with clearer roles and responsibilities.

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