Wow, what a year. It’s like 2020 turned to 2021 and said, “Haha—beat that!” Unfortunately for us, 2021 responded with a hearty “Challenge accepted!” and proceeded to foment chaos with manic enthusiasm. 

In “2021 Year in Review,” we look back at our most popular content from the past year. As you’ll see, our readers’ interests tended to reflect the industry’s need to try to make sense of all of the tumult and constantly changing dynamics experienced in 2021.

We’ve highlighted our most-viewed/downloaded feature articles, industry news, new product releases, and podcasts of the year. How many of these pieces have you already seen? Are there any that you missed?

We’re also covering medical end-use applications in this issue. For example, Mactac’s Steve Schroff shares details regarding diagnostic adhesives in medical device manufacturing, which differ from those used for skin-contact medical solutions.

“Although diagnostic adhesives must meet rigorous requirements in terms of cleanliness and inertness, adhesion and bonding requirements for these tapes are much simpler than those that are used to adhere to skin,” Schroff writes. Read the full article to take “A Closer Look at Medical Adhesive Tapes for Diagnostic Applications.”

Additional articles we’re featuring this month focus on “Progressive Cavity Pumps in Meter-Mix-Dispense Systems,” a “Tube Filling and Sealing Upgrade,” and more. We also highlight Lohmann’s amazing 170th anniversary in “Celebrating a Passion for Innovation.”

Which ASI article(s) did you find most compelling and helpful to your business in 2021? What topics resonate with you the most? Which are not useful to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts about our content. Please reach out to me at (248) 786-1704 or with your comments and suggestions.