Henkel Adhesive Technologies strengthens its capabilities for timber construction solutions by investing in 3RT, Melbourne, Australia. Together with its partners, the company has developed a robotic process to convert forest and plantation residue into high-quality hardwood products. With the investment, Henkel aims to further expand its engineered wood business and to drive the implementation of sustainable future-oriented technologies.

Henkel is a provider of engineered wood solutions globally. Through its engineered wood business, the company offers high-impact structural adhesives under the Loctite brand. Loctite enables the manufacturing of mass timber products for wooden beams, trusses, walls, and floors. Mass timber is a high-performance building material that replaces concrete and steel in many construction applications as it is more sustainable, renewable, and shows a lower CO2 footprint. High-tech adhesives from Henkel are crucial for the production of safe and sustainable engineered wood, and thus contribute to a significant reduction in the buildings’ carbon footprint.

Founded in 2014, 3RT has developed a novel automated production process for converting low-value wood fiber into hardwood products. Based on a patented process, 3RT applies a water-based, formaldehyde-free Nano-bonding agent that biomimics the structure of a natural tree. The technology platform uses advanced robotics and smart automation to create products that are 100% natural and recyclable.

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