With ELASTOSIL® LR 3078, WACKER is expanding its portfolio of self-adhesive liquid silicone rubbers with a product line that adheres specifically to polycarbonate. Products in this series are formulated in such a way that a chemical adhesion to the substrate builds up during vulcanization, but not to the forming tool of the pointed casting machine. For this purpose, the Munich-based chemical company uses a newly developed and patented self-adhesion technology that does not require the use of structures containing bisphenol A. By dispensing with this substance class, the company increases occupational safety and contributes to consumer protection.

The vulcanizates of ELASTOSIL LR 3078 are bio-compatible according to selected tests according to DIN ISO 10993 and US Pharmacopeia Chapter <88>, Class VI. They can also be steam sterilized repeatedly at 134 °C without deteriorating the mechanical properties and adhesion to polycarbonate. ELASTOSIL LR 3078 is suitable in all industrial sectors. Applications range from transparent covers, such as those required in motor vehicles, to housing covers for household appliances, to systems for medical diagnostics, for automated drug delivery, and for minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical techniques.

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