Shurtape Technologies LLC announced a partnership with Nastro Technologies, a tech startup specializing in asset tracking technology located in San Antonio, Texas. The two companies have combined their expertise to launch a line of scannable adhesive tape and label products that will allow users to link digital information and media (photos, documents, text, GPS location data, etc.) to physical places, with access to live information via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Nastro is an early-stage startup that began with a vision to link digital communications to real-world objects and locations using nothing more than a scannable code printed on a roll of tape and a smartphone. Nastro’s scannable code allows users to simply apply a piece of coded tape, scan the code using an app and a mobile device, and then assign instructions or links to the code that can be accessed by anyone using the app.

Shurtape partnered with Nastro to bring the technology to a wider industry segment, while expanding the accessibility of the product. Shurtape signed an exclusive agreement with Nastro in May, and the products will be available to industrial markets under the Duck Pro® by Shurtape® brand in the fourth quarter of this year. Shurtape will produce the tape solutions and Nastro will manage the free tracking app and its subscriptions. More product details and specifications are slated for release later this year.

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