The Fedrigoni Group, producer of specialty papers for packaging and self-adhesive materials, has launched Re-Play™, a product range of upcycled self-adhesive materials. As opposed to recycling, upcycling is a process whereby waste becomes valuable, and is transformed into a more highly precious material with a lower environmental impact. Re-Play is the result of a circular economy solution from the Fedrigoni Self-adhesives Re-Play liner recovery program.

“We decided to set out on this path because it is in line with many of our ESG goals–in terms of reduction of waste and CO2 emissions,” said Fulvio Capussotti, executive vice president Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives. “Fedrigoni's goal is to involve the end customer as an integral part of this circular economy approach, with the inclusion of the entire supply chain, starting with the printers, who are the first users of the self-adhesive material. In terms of recycling, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with Les Papeteries de Clairefontaine, which possesses a low-temperature repulping process powered by biomass: adding glassine paper to white wastepaper results in a high-quality product without the need for invasive de-inking processes and with significant raw material savings”. 

The new Re-Play range consists of four types of 100% recycled paper: Nature White, Martelé, Retrò, and Pearl. Each product will carry the FSC recycled certification, which attests to their composition and value as a recycled and sustainable product.

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