WACKER is showcasing silicone products for medical applications at this year’s COMPAMED medical technology trade show. The company is focusing on self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber for hard/soft combinations with polycarbonate, and silicone adhesives for wound dressings and fixing aids. High-strength adhesive products are also suitable for fixing sensors and medical aids, as a current study conducted by WACKER demonstrates. COMPAMED takes place in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 14-17, 2022. Attendees can visit WACKER in Hall 8a, Booth D28. 

WACKER is showcasing a new self adhesive liquid silicone rubber that bonds superbly to polycarbonate–a material that is widely used in medical technology due to its transparency. ELASTOSIL® LR 3078 is formulated such that, on curing, it bonds to the substrate, but not to the injection molding tool. For this, WACKER uses a newly developed and patented self-adhesive technology that requires neither pre-treatment of the substrate surface nor bisphenol A-containing structures. By eliminating this substance class in the adhesion promoter, WACKER is reportedly improving industrial safety and enhancing consumer protection.

WACKER is also presenting the results of studies performed on its adhesives The focus is on foam wound dressings with two different adhesive layers: the standard silicone adhesive SILPURAN® 2100, with a peel adhesion of 2.7 Newton per 2.5 cm, determined as per EN 1939 in a 90° peel test on steel, and the strongly adhesive SILPURAN 2114 silicone gel, which attains a peel adhesion of 3.5 Newton per 2.5 cm.

For more information, visit: www.wacker.com.