Avery Dennison Medical is displaying a portfolio for multiple wearable device applications, including diabetes management, remote vital signs sensing, multi-day drug delivery, and other Internet of Things (IoT) digital healthcare solutions at Medica 2022. At the trade show, the company is also exhibiting a wide range of wound care, medical wearables, personal care, and connected healthcare solutions. The company’s material science team is available to discuss wearable device material selection, specification, complex construction techniques, and human factors at Hall 6, Booth H07, November 14-17 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“Avery Dennison Medical offers established technical expertise in wearable medical devices. We are excited for the opportunity to engage with OEMs and converters about their wearable device requirements, challenges and goals,” said Martin Dowd, EU general manager, Avery Dennison Medical. “We understand the complexities and are committed to helping customers simplify, streamline and speed the path from development to commercialization.”

At its booth, Avery Dennison Medical is joined by partners from the Avery Dennison Smartrac RFID and Personal Care divisions. The company is highlighting products including “smart” medical devices, repositionable adhesives, wearable adhesive materials, and moisture-sensing incontinence diapers. Rolled goods, converted components, finished goods, and IoT solutions are on display, with samples readily available upon request for most products.

“We are focused on making it easy for medical device OEMs and converters to identify the right materials, components, and processes to make their products, from design specification to delivery,” said Martin Dowd, EU general manager, Avery Dennison Medical. “Like our converter and OEM customers, Avery Dennison is committed to the ongoing challenges of enhancing patient comfort and care while delivering a simpler, more efficient, and cost-effective experience for healthcare providers.”

The company is highlighting innovations including high-tack soft silicone adhesives (SSA) designed to offer increased skin adhesion while being gentle on removal. Silicone roll goods are also on display, including a light-coat-weight, easy-tear tape that can be torn across all directions, giving clinicians greater flexibility and easier handling. RFID innovations include track-and-trace solutions to help prevent counterfeiting and tampering and “condition sensing” technologies to connect medical devices with smartphone apps for greater patient and healthcare provider empowerment. A wide range of adhesives for wearable applications are also available, demonstrating capabilities for short to extended wear times.

Avery Dennison Medical’s high-tack breathable SSAs are designed to deliver patient comfort lasting for extended wear times (14 days-plus) and enable use on fragile skin. There are multiple adhesive materials featuring repositionability and extended wear, making it easier for healthcare providers, caregivers, or patients to attach wearables. The company is highlighting solutions for wearable devices’ skin-contact, construction, and overlay layers, demonstrating one-stop source capabilities for wearable device developers’ material needs.

For more information, visit: medical.averydennison.com.