Bostik offers a range of MSR sealants, Born2Bond™ engineering adhesives, and repair kits for the marine industry. These adhesives are characterized by fast-curing, high-strength, and optimum moisture, humidity, and chemical resistance qualities. They also provide the required anti-corrosive and hydrophobic qualities suitable for underwater and minute-size applications. Born2Bond™ instant adhesives are suitable for multiple substrates, including metal, wood, leather, rubber, plastic composites, and alloys. The MSR SMP sealant range is solvent and isocyanate free, and provides very good UV, aging, and salt- and fresh-water resistance, making it ideal for marine applications, such as deck caulking.

Born2Bond™ service products provide solutions for cleaning, surface preparation, and lubrication. With recently improved formulations, the Born2Bond™ Ultra one-part, Structural two-part, and Light Lock dual-cure (light and surface) cyanoacrylate adhesives enable deck repair without the need to dismantle the deck area. Born2Bond™ anaerobic adhesives can be used for the assembly of mechanical parts (masts, tanks, pipe and fittings, etc.) and marine propulsion systems (motors, gearboxes, shafts, etc.).

Bostik's repair kit, with select marine products, is currently being used by all crews in the Route du Rhum transatlantic sailing race. It features two Bostik MMA SAF® 30-5 cartridges, two Bostik MMA SAF 30-15 cartridges, eight Bostik Born2Bond™ Repair structural adhesives, a Bostik Born2Bond™ Ultra Gel instant adhesive, two Bostik MSR Construction Adhesives–which can be used both above and under the water line–and two Elium® Composite Patches.

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