Americans' confidence in television news is reportedly at a new low, with 21% of adults expressing a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in it, according to a Gallup poll. Do you have confidence in the news reporting on TV?

No: 84.6%

Yes: 7.7%

Unsure: 7.7%


Although I miss the likes of Walter Chronkite the level of reporting is still pretty good. The only problem is all the conspiracy theories and nutty nonsense floating around the internet.

its not news, its entertainment.

I only watch " Fox News ". The other channels are too left for me.

We need more Journalist's (report the facts and let us decide) and less partisian opinion shows. 24 hour news should end there just is not that much to report.

PBS-very confident. Fox News-no confidence

I haven't watched television news for several years. When I noticed that it's politically biased and distorted, that did it for me!

The 24 hr news channels will report on almost anything, relevant or not, to fill their time. I only trust NPR.

Fox seems to be the only semi-honest reporting arm.

The vast majority of TV news organizations have a blatant liberal bias and choose to report in a way that promotes their ideology.

The problem is news reporters never report that another plane has landed safely - who would watch?

TV News is not news. They create a story to sell thier ideas. There are no facts in the news.

I only turn to the news if I need updates on the Kardashians, Britney Spears, Maria Carey, Sophia Vergara or Paris Hilton .

Define confidence; they seem really biased, I am confident that I don't get the entire story.

It depends on the channel -- Fox News being the worst, the Daily Show with John Stewart on Comedy Central being the best, for being un-biased. (CNN is pretty good, too.)

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