During a recent speech to the National Press Club, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan commented that textbooks should be rendered obsolete in the near future. Do you think classrooms should replace all textbooks with electronic reading devices?

No: 86.4%
Yes: 9.1%
Maybe/Unsure: 4.5%

Would your company replace hard-copy staff training manuals with e-books or online-only files?

No: 50%
Yes: 31.8%
Maybe/Unsure: 18.2%


"Electronic devices are prone to failure, obsloescence, and power failures. Books can be taken and read anywhere, at low cost."

"What, exactly, gives the Federal government the authority to render anything obsolete in realm of education. What I think only applies to my local district schools."

"The paper industry is already dying. Books and magazines and newspapers are getting harder and harder to get in print."

"I use e books extensively and find it a great way to carry a ton of reading material in a light weight, convenient and affordable format. Add internet search capabilities and it becomes a valuable tool for students/researchers."

"In today's world their is no such thing as reliable security. We want what we do confined to our employees and our facility. All manuals have a number and are accounted for at all times. I can't say what we do or have done."

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