After failing to reach an agreement on the nation's health care law, the U.S. government began a partial shutdown on Tuesday for the first time in nearly 18 years. Do you think the shutdown is a reasonable course of action at this time?

No: 56.6%
Yes: 34.7%
Maybe/Unsure: 8.7%


There should be a way to compromise before this happened.

Yes. If I were in the House, I would not come back until the cows came home and the debt limit was crushed.

The shutdown is a national disgrace and an embarrassment for the U.S. All politicians in DC are incompetent and lack basic intelligence!

Deficits need drastic action - business as usual is destroying our future.

The Federal goverment's fear should be that our lives  will not change and may improve without them finding new tyrannies to enact upon us.

That is bullying tactics.

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