Elmer’s® recently announced its adoption of Elmer, a Humboldt penguin chick at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park in Syracuse, N.Y. The bond between the penguin and the brand reportedly began in early 2016 when zookeepers noticed a crack in the Humboldt penguin chick’s eggshell during incubation. What could have been a life-threatening situation was saved when zookeepers mended the eggshell using Elmer’s Glue. In honor of the adhesive that saved his life, the zoo named the chick Elmer.

“We were immediately touched by Elmer’s incredible story,” said Victor Misawa, senior vice president of marketing, writing and creative expression, Newell Brands. “We’ve never thought of Elmer’s Glue as a life saver, but we’re thankful that zookeepers had a trick up their sleeves to save little Elmer. We are more than excited about the opportunity to formally adopt Elmer and support the zoo’s nesting burrows exhibit in recognition of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo’s conservation efforts.”

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