NAGASE Specialty Materials NA LLC (NSM) announced its expansion into the western United States. NSM will expand to 10 states, including California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming. Once a regional specialty chemicals distributor focused on the midwestern United States, NSM is now part of NAGASE Group.

“The expansion of NSM to the western United States is part of our strategic plan,” said Mark Miller, NSM president. “We have leveraged our resources, including our people and supplier relationships, to expand in a purposeful manner and create near-term opportunities for growth, versus the disruption often ensuing from acquisitions which produce conflict and fractured relationships.”

“I’m confident that our technically-focused solutions selling approach will assist our new customers in their production and formulation work,” said Al Bernhardt, NSM’s vice president Functional Materials. “As part of NAGASE, NSM has global distribution, manufacturing, logistics, R&D, business development, and technical resources that our suppliers and customers presently utilize. The U.S. West Coast is the shortest route logistically to Asia, and we import a tremendous amount of Asian-supplied material; this expansion west is a sound play for us.” 

With this expansion, NSM provides a pathway for growth to suppliers in CASE, plastics, and life and healthcare. According to NSM’s Director of Supplier Management Robert Milano, the company will immediately represent nearly a dozen of its current suppliers in this new territory, with one major supplier announcement forthcoming soon.

“Being national, we offer new suppliers the option to use NSM services on a regional or national basis and the option to grow geographically with us,” said Milano. “For existing suppliers, we provide a path to replicate their regional sales success in the Western United States.” 

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