NAGASE Specialty Materials (NSM) recently named a new account manager for the West Coast. Daniel Roske joins the company as NAGASE begins to expand into the western United States.  

Daniel Roske grew up in Ventura, Calif., during a time when surfing and skateboarding were the preferred modes of transportation for the younger generation. “The long hair may be gone, but I still hold onto my Walden longboard (surfboard) and Lance Mountain skateboard,” said Roske. “The manufacturers of both boards use sustainable chemistry in their products. NSM has a similar tradition of manufacturing and distributing quality, sustainable products.”

NSM recently announced its organic expansion in the Western United States, thereby completing its North American footprint in partnership with its affiliated organization, NAGASE Mexico. NSM plans to expand to 10 states, including California, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming.

Roske complements NSM’s deep bench of chemists, scientists, and engineers who work directly with customers to explore new possibilities and create success. He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and a master’s degree from the University of Oregon.

Roske spent years in the lab working with coatings, structural adhesives, isocyanate adhesives, and automotive coatings with companies like Borden Chemical (now Hexion) and Spraylat Corp. (now PPG). He has more than 15 years of experience in CASE sales and business development and will be joined in the near future by a sales colleague in the company’s Life & Healthcare division to support the expansion of NSM’s specialty bioactives and excipients business in Personal Care and Pharmaceuticals. 

“Daniel has a deep knowledge of polymers, coatings, and phenolic resins for structural adhesives, as well as isocyanate and performance adhesives,” said Al Bernhardt, NSM’s Vice President Functional Materials. “Additionally, he has over 10 years of West Coast CASE sales and business development experience and has worked for both distribution and supplier companies. He has demonstrated a track record of success that will be valued by customers and distributors throughout the western region.”

In his new role, Roske connects his passion for the environment with the work he is doing for NSM, a long-time innovator in the area of sustainability. “Being able to connect the manufacturers of these products with responsible and renewable chemistries gives me a great deal of satisfaction – both professionally and personally.”

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