Selected from hundreds of nominees, DuPont received three Edison Awards™, two silver and one bronze, for its innovative and sustainable material technologies.

"We’re honored that three of our innovative technologies are helping our customers address their most significant sustainability challenges.” said Alexa Dembek, DuPont chief technology and sustainability officer. “This recognition exemplifies how our teams are driven by a relentless focus on excellence and highlights the spirit of sustainable innovation at DuPont, demonstrating the impact of our close customer collaboration to bring cutting-edge technologies to market.” 

The primerless-to-glass automotive aftermarket adhesive system, BETASEAL™ APEX, won DuPont the Bronze award in the Materials Science category. BETASEAL APEX decreases the impact on the environment while returning the vehicle to original specifications, simplifying installation of the replacement windshield, and providing consistent quality and Advances Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sensor compatibility. The elimination of primers containing organic solvents reduces glass installation steps, processing complexity, and emissions of VOCs. DuPont’s internal calculations show that over 25,000 liters of solvent are no longer emitted into the atmosphere in North America alone by using BETASEAL APEX.

DuPont won a silver award for Kevlar® 1 mil N636 paper. This ultra-thin paper is a new innovation that can be used in aircraft cabins to make planes 3-4% more lightweight, reducing operating costs.

The other silver award was given for FilmTec™ Fortilife™ CR200 water purification membrane. Addressing the challenges of wastewater reuse and increased access to clean water, this new membrane maximizes operational efficiency and combats fouling, without the use of chemicals or the need to replace product elements.

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