Six technologies from Dow have been selected from hundreds of nominees to be recognized with prestigious Edison Awards. Dow received five gold awards and one silver award in the categories of: Materials Science and Engineering; Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation; and Sustainability, which were recently presented at the annual Edison Awards ceremony. Dow reports that it is the first company ever to receive five Gold Edison Awards in a single year and has won more gold awards cumulatively over the last decade than any other company.

"Thomas A. Edison was one of the world's greatest and most prolific inventors who had a tremendous influence on our modern-day lives," said A.N. Sreeram, senior vice president, Research & Development, and chief technology officer. "His inventions centered on market needs just like Dow's do today. It is an honor to receive these namesake innovation awards, which recognize that Dow technologies solve customer and societal needs, simultaneously deliver product performance and sustainability, while also creating value for our shareholders."

Dow's 2021 Edison Award-winning technologies include:

  • DOWSIL™ CC-8030 UV and Moisture Dual Cure Conformal Coating, which won a gold award in the Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation Materials for Manufacturing subcategory. DOWSIL CC-8030 UV and Moisture Dual Cure Conformal Coating is reportedly the first to combine innovative polymer technology with the sustainability of room temperature cure by primary ultraviolet (UV) cure and a secondary moisture cure. CC-8030 is a one-part solventless 100% silicone conformal coating that offers high-reliability protection of sensitive electronics and can be applied quickly and efficiently by automated processing.
  • DOWSIL TC-5515LT Thermally Conductive Gap Filler, which won a gold award in the Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation Thermal Conductivity subcategory. High-power electric vehicle (EV) batteries require effective thermal management. TC-5515LT provides heat transfer to keep EVs operating safely with maximum range and lifetime.
  • DOWSIL TC-3065 Thermal Conductive Silicone Gel for 5G Optical Access Infrastructure, which won a gold award in the Engineering & Material Science Thermal Conductivity & Heat Treatment subcategory. DOWSIL TC-3065 provides thermal dissipation for the optical interconnects vital to 5G telecommunications and data communications. Error rates are significantly reduced and device lifetimes extended in these demanding applications.
  • DOWSIL VE-8001 Flexible Silicone Adhesive, which won a gold award in the Engineering & Material Science Adhesives subcategory. VE-8001 is designed for foldable and rollable consumer electronic devices. Once cured by heat, it shows superior folding durability performance, which provides stable mechanical properties even after folding tests. The high tensile strength and appropriate elongation help to dissipate the stress that is generated during the bending and folding of the devices.
  • RHOBARR™ 320 Polyolefin Dispersion, which won a gold award in the Sustainability Environmentally Friendly subcategory. RHOBARR 320 Polyolefin Dispersion enables sustainable coated paper goods. Applied as a thin coating from an aqueous dispersion, it provides barrier to liquids/grease using up to 70% less raw material compared to extrusion coated products, allowing paper coaters to produce more sustainable, more recyclable food service items and packaging.
  • DOWSIL Crystal Clear Spacer, which won a silver award in the Engineering & Material Science Adhesives subcategory. A new technology enables the manufacture of crystal-clear silicone spacers that can be applied on substrates and develop durable adhesion. This feature was patented and used to create energy-efficient transparent refrigerator doors. The invention reduces production cost and enhances the aesthetics and durability of refrigerator doors.

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