The ChemQuest Group is hosting two accredited adhesive bonding-focused courses in cooperation with Fraunhofer IFAM. ChemQuest is the exclusive partner of Fraunhofer IFAM for European Adhesive Specialist (EAS) and European Adhesive Bonder (EAB) courses in North America. 

Beginning May 22, the EAS course will blend remote and in-person learning to provide participants with a combined virtual and hands-on opportunity. Attendees will learn about the different types of adhesives and substrates, various surface treatments, test methods, safety considerations, and more. Graduates of the EAS course will be able to take on supervisory functions, prepare work instructions, and make contributions to quality assurance aspects of bonding technology.

The EAS course consists of three weeks of structured online classes and one week of in-person activities and testing sessions:

  • Online Week 1 – May 22-26;
  • Online Week 2 – June 5-9;
  • Online Week 3 – June 12-16; and
  • Onsite Week 4 – July 10-14 at the ChemQuest Technology Institute’s (CQTI) facility in South Boston, Virginia.

The in-person EAB course, held September 18-22 at CQTI in South Boston, provides attendees with the fundamentals of adhesive bonding. Participants will gain an understanding of the technical aspects and importance of their work procedures, enabling them to carry out bonding work independently and professionally.

To learn more about ChemQuest, visit To register, get additional details, or see the full schedule of courses, click here.