Registration is now open for the 2023 European Adhesive Tape Association annual conference. Known as Afera, the association will be holding its 66th conference October 4-6, 2023, at The Westin Dragonara Resort, Malta.

Afera is a pan-European platform that unites stakeholders along the value chain of the European tape industry.  It believes that with this platform, an interactive, organized, mobilized, unified, and well-voiced industry can flourish and benefit from cooperation and representation in public affairs and initiatives.

The overall theme of the Afera 2023 annual conference is tape and all of its meanings: bonding, protecting, and securing the future of the industry. The conference will feature expert speakers as well as interactive sessions to discuss, describe, and develop the possible future of the industry.

Day one focuses on reaching the next level of sustainability and circularity. The key to embracing these innovations is collaboration. For this reason, day one will start with a series of presentations outlining the challenges of collaboration followed by a breakout session where teams will work to outline what circularity next level looks like per technology, product-market-combination, or waste stream.

Day two of the conference focuses on developing potential value propositions for the industry as a whole. As in day one, the focus again is on collaboration and sustainability. If the tape industry is unable to optimize its value potential in fields of application, use in product design, and enabler of sustainability, the industry may lose significant revenue from competitors that can better monetize that value. Tackling these issues, teams will workshop to develop value propositions for the industry and work on outlines of communication frameworks to explain and promote the value that the industry offers.

There will be a casual meet-up the day before the conference starts, October 3, 2023, from 9-12:30 at The Westin Dragonara.

To learn more about Afera, visit Click here to learn more about the conference and click here to register.