Toyochem Co., the polymer and coatings division of Japan’s Toyo Ink Group, has launched the LIOTELAN™ line of highly flexible conductive and insulating sheet films for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment. The new sheet films are water resistant and are highly flexible with a high elongation of 500%. LIOTELAN shielding films can be hot-press molded on to the electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise source on the printed circuit board (PCB), forming a lightweight multi-layer shield with a more compact format than a metal shielding can. This gives component engineers increased design freedom to create electronic devices of lower profiles and lighter weights without compromising shielding effectiveness. 

“This new innovative product enables the formation of ultra-thin shielding laminates of high flexibility, conductivity, and insulation properties required by next-generation PCBs. In line with rising demand for components of lighter weight, lower profiles, and more durable and flexible materials, we expect to see the trend towards metals being replaced by polymer composites to continue,” said Hidenobu Kobayashi, technical manager at Toyochem.

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