This company will spotlight its latest electronics-related materials based on the group's unique materials and processing technologies at the JPCA Show 2017, taking place June 7-9 in Tokyo. Products include the LIOELM™ TSS™ series of electromagnetic shielding films, which are specially designed to meet strict shielding demands. The TSS310 type reportedly responds to customer calls for thinner-type films, while the TSS500 blocks high-frequency interference.

Also on display will be the LIOELM TSC200 electrically conductive adhesive sheets reportedly exhibit high humidity resistance suitable for mounting electronic components, and high shielding properties. The sheets are used as a method to conduct heat from electronic components.

In addition, Toyochem will showcase its products for electronic applications, including high-heat-resistant nano-bonding agents, low-dielectric products, EMC protective tapes, component-mounting protective tapes, high-heat-resistant polyimide PCB protecting tapes, LIOELM LE501 heat-resistant carrier tapes for FPCs, R310 heat-resistant component fixing/holding tapes, and more.

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