Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives has developed a new range of compostable self-adhesive materials with the aim of providing high-performance labels for fully compostable packaging. The new product range aligns with the company’s aim to innovate with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of products.

Demand is increasing for sustainable packaging, designed in a more responsible way that is functional and with a low environmental impact. The demand is driven, in part, by legislative requirements and market needs. The new range of self-adhesive solutions for compostable packaging provides solutions for these demands. Since both packaging and self-adhesive materials have the same biodegradation properties, at the end of their life cycle they can be disposed of entirely together through the industrial composting process. In this way, the entire packaging - including the label - can be processed in the industrial composting process.

The creation of self-adhesive materials that meet the criteria of compostability stems from the desire to develop solutions with less environmental impact even where it is not possible to recycle or reuse the packaging. Composting can be a very useful option, for example, for materials in contact with food, when they are excessively soiled or when it is difficult to separate quality waste. To be defined as compostable, a product must be 90% biodegradable within six months, disintegrate within three months, and pass every eco-toxicity test.

For Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, this is a further step towards achieving the sustainability targets set: by 2030: 100% of solutions must be designed for an optimal end-of-life. This means that all new self-adhesive materials are designed and manufactured by carefully considering what will happen once their use is over and thus contemplating the possibility that they will be recycled, reused, or composted after their use.

"The search for sustainable solutions involving the entire packaging chain is a key point, as these are required both by legislation and by the market. Our new range of compostable packaging films fits into the context of these demands. After use, the materials used can be recovered through a biological process, and can then be transformed together with the packaging into substances that are useful for the soil," said Clément Lesniak, Fedrigoni’s sustainability solutions manager. "Keeping our 2030 goals as a beacon, we link our sustainability strategy to the concept of innovation: the R&D team is constantly working to reach the point of convergence between self-adhesive solutions that are not only beautiful, but also high-performing and environmentally friendly."

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