Henkel Corp. has thoroughly updated its three Loctite® Bonding Guides to include the most current information on adhesives, substrates and testing methodologies. All three guides are available as printed literature or online athttp://www.loctite.com. The 76-page LoctiteDesign Guide for Bonding Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomersnow includes a new chapter dedicated to bonding polyether block amide, or PEBA, a substrate used extensively in medical device assembly and commonly sold under the brand name PEBAX®. The updatedDesign Guide for Bonding Metalsfeatures information on seven new Loctite adhesives that are ideal for metal-bonding applications; hot-strength testing data has also been included. Finally, the updatedDesign Guide for Bonding Plasticsnow includes strength data on 28 adhesives and 30 different types of plastics. This 96-page guide now includes a total of 14 sections addressing issues related to bonding plastics with adhesives.

For more information, visit http://www.loctite.us/int_henkel/loctite_us/index.cfm?&pageid=151&layout=2, call (888) 427-3676 ext. 111 or e-mail literature@loctite.com.